Foxing or the moisture damage that only exists in the majority. They show up as yellowish, brownish to black discolorations that form on paper or textiles. And where many house recipes and cleaning products capitulate.

The reason: There is no pollution in the strict sense. The staining caused by stick or stains is caused by mold that proliferates in high humidity. This is related to the fact that they often smell musty.

Often they are considered a typical aging phenomenon in books, curtains, and mattresses. They only occur if mistakes have been made during storage.

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Mildew is the result of the fungal attack. Mushrooms need moisture to live and grow. This is one of the reasons for the formation of mold in the existing moisture, which is mostly found in the air.

The risk of fungal attack and thus of mildew increases when the humidity exceeds 55 percent. Too low a room temperature promotes foxing additionally.

In addition, if it is cold in damp rooms, moisture in the air condenses, which precipitates on walls, textiles, and other surfaces. If the air cannot circulate, it also promotes the formation of mildew.

In the bedroom, especially the transpiration wetness, or colloquial sweat, contributes to moisture getting into the ambient air and the mattress, pillows, and blanket. If the mattress and bed linen are of low quality and not very breathable, the moisture cannot dry quickly. The danger of foxing increases.

Even if the mattress is not sufficiently ventilated – for example, if it lies directly on the floor – foxing will occur. Just visit Bestmattress-brand before buying your new mattress and know more about it.

Avoid flooring on the mattress

Easier to remove than mildew and its musty smell, they can be prevented. Mold and mildew are best avoided by proper airing.

Right air in punching points:

  • Open the window completely
  • Do not tilt the window permanently
  • Open the windows or doors in opposite rooms
  • As a rule of thumb, five minutes are per ventilation
  • Ventilate at least twice a day
  • Even unused rooms heat

Pay attention to regular ventilation, to a temperature around 20 degrees and to the humidity. It should not be over 50 percent.

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If it is a large area affected area, the mattress should be replaced. If the infection is minor or only superficial, mildew can be eliminated with both chemical products and home remedies.

To eliminate foxing with home remedies a bleach is needed. Bleaching effect can be achieved with lemon juice and salt, vinegar water, sunlight or buttermilk. The affected areas are placed in the liquid and afterward cleaned with water. Sunlight also has a bleaching effect. Whether the home remedies help depends on the strength of the foxing and the duration of the treatment.

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