When we talk about the orthopedic mattress, we know what we are referring to precisely? Many people think that the real orthopedic mattresses are only those with springs that I feel urgently need and that they could never do without. Many others instead think that only the new mattresses, in latex or memory foam, can satisfy some characteristics of the ideal orthopedic mattress. The best advice to buy the orthopedic mattress that best suits your needs is not to follow the fashion, buy the most expensive one or simply trust what your best friend tells you.

The secret is to test the mattress, even for more than a few seconds. Spend some time choosing your new mattress. Go to your favorite store and make your choice very carefully, it’s a choice that can influence both your nights and your days for the next 10/15 years. Sleeping well is an essential condition to better face the day. We are certain that a mattress specialist from a specialized shop will be able to give you all the necessary advice to buy the best orthopedic mattress made for you.

Individual needs in the event of an individual:

Each mattress can be “good”, but they are not all the same, those with springs have different characteristics from those in latex and those in memory foam, but the fact remains that it could still be the one that fits your case. Tell us about your problems, how you sleep, which makes it difficult for you to sleep or what makes you wake up at night. There is probably a solution for each of us. An orthopedic mattress built with all the trappings of the case is a mattress that has the least number of pressure zones.

These areas create pressure on the back causing pain in the lumbar area, cervical area, joints, etc. In addition to having a low number of pressure zones, an orthopedic mattress must also have the task of discouraging the user from assuming incorrect positions, which over the years could lead to various problems and serious damage to our health. In addition to being orthopedic, the mattress should also be anatomical and ergonomic.

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What is an orthopedic mattress and to whom is it suitable?